So you have come this far and your creative duties as a musician are complete. You have music in hand that deserves an audience, yet you feel that the technical standard of the production quality is not doing your work the justice it requires. No piece of music should ever be compromised

due to such technical limitations. The mixdown on any recording is the key factor that will define the difference between a demo recording and a striking professional release. Enter the mix engineer, whose fresh ears and expertise will transform your musical content into a full-bodied recording, breathing with life and magic.

At Cocomelo Audio, we believe that every piece of music deserves this opportunity. Whether your recordings have been created with the largest sound-systems, home hi-fi, or radio in mind, we will sculpt the audio content of your music as is most befitting the medium. Over 15 years of hi-end recording experience will ensure your music is placed in learned and dedicated hands.

Whether you require all channels of your audio mixed from scratch or you whether the track would be best mixed from stems, we will treat your music as if it were our own and return to you a master that stands out of the crowd in today’s competitive climate.


Standard Mixdowns

Standard mixdown of separated tracks:
Lead vocal surcharge:
Lead and backing vocal surcharge:
Live drums surcharge:


Stemmed Mixdowns

Stemmed mixdown – 2 stems:
Stemmed mixdown – 3 stem:
Stemmed mixdown – 4-6 stems:

Standard turnaround time:
14 day express surcharge:
7 day express surcharge:


within 21 days

Project delivery to Cocomelo

Sound files must be provided as follows:


Logic Studio project folder with all audio files, samples, instruments and other relevant settings files. All channels with 3rd party plug-ins must be bounced as 24-bit audio.


- every track bounced from bar 1
- mono tracks such as kicks, basses etc bounced to mono files
- all channels bounced loud peaking at around -2db, but not clipping in the red
- all channels bounced as 24bit/44.1khz – wav, aiff or sd2
- if there are important reverbs/fx on sounds, please bounce a wet and a dry version
- if your sounds have gone through submixes, please provide details of the submix and if appropriate, bounce the entire submix. Whether or not this is necessary can be discussed.
- please include a reference bounce of the whole track in wav, aiff or sd2 format

Project data should be uploaded to a file hosting site as a .sit or .zip archive, or posted on DVD to: 27 Wallorton Gardens, London SW14 8DX.

Revisions and Turnaround

Included in the price, Cocomelo Audio will provide one evaluation version for feedback from the Client after which any requested ammendents will be made. Cocomelo Audio will then provide one further demo for evaluation by the Client. Final amendments will be made in response to the Client’s secondary feedback before delivering the final Master.

Should any further amendments be required there will be an additional charge of £30 per revision.

Upon receipt of the project files, the Master will be delivered to the client within 21 days of confirmation from Cocomelo Audio that all files are opening and operating correctly. Should there be technical problems prior to the Mixdown being commenced then the delivery date will be 21 days after confirmation that all audio files are in order. Should Cocomelo anticipate the turnaround taking longer than 21 days, the Client will be notified of a delivery date for approval prior to the project’s commencement.

What you get back from us

- Final mixdown, mastered as a 24-bit / 44.1 khz stereo wav file
- Tagged mp3 version
- Files uploaded via wetransfer.com
- DAT masters, and remix parts available upon request

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