Mastering is the final stage of the musical production process. It is a delicate, bespoke and refined craft that can transform each piece of music individually into a professional release-ready recording. Simultaneously an art and a science, it is crucial for any body of work intended for release, or indeed promotion, to be given the final touch by expert ears that know
the delicate processes required to achieve that final margin of magic. At Cocomelo, we are driven by the ethos that good is not just good enough, for only excellence in audio will suffice. Whether your music is aimed for large sound-systems, home, radio broadcasting, CD, online, or indeed all, we will fine tune your work to achieve the optimum in audio fidelity whilst staying faithful to the music.

Cocomelo Audio is the new visage for the mastering business run by industry stalwart Asad Rizvi, whose engineering career spans over 15 years and hundreds of releases. Clients include: Charles Webster, Jay Tripwire, Lunatic Jazz, Home Made Electronica, with experience in working in genres across both electronic and acoustic fields.


Individual tracks:
4 track EPs:
5 to 9 track releases:

£30 per track
£25 per track


10 track albums:
DJ Mix Mastering:
DJ Mix Editing:
DJ Mix Editing & Mastering:

Redbook CD preparation:

£50 (up to 80 mins)
£50 (up to 80 mins)
£90 (up to 80 mins)

FREE on mastered albums (10 tracks)

£20 on DJ mixes

Turnaround / Revisions

Prices include one revision per track

1-4 tracks:
5-10 tracks:

3 day express surcharge:
24 hr express surcharge:

Addional revisions:

7 days
14 days

£10 per track
£20 per track

£15 per track


Please provide your pre-master file(s) with the following specifications:

- 24-bit / 44.1 khz

- wav, aiff or SD2 stereo files accepted

- Master VU peaking at around -6db

- No master compression or limiting on the master channel

Upload your files via to


- Final master as 24-bit / 44.1 khz stereo wav file

- Tagged mp3 version

- Files uploaded via

- DAT masters, and Redbook CD masters available upon request


Included in the price, Cocomelo Audio will provide one evaluation version for feedback from the client after which any requested ammendents will be made. Final amendments will be made in response to the client’s feedback before delivering the final Master.  Any further revisions are subject to surcharge.

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