Audio Production

A producer is to a recording, what a director is to film.

From guiding the performers, identifying the necessary levels of emotion, to defining aesthetics and tone, the production of a recording is paramount to every record’s creative success. Whatever the genre, it is crucial that the music is given the opportunity to benefit from the experience of a professional producer. In the modern age of home recording, many are learning audio production with remarkable results. Yet many great artists prefer to focus on the musical content and hand the job of production over to someone with expertise in this field.

The greatest attribute a producer can have is the ability to see the whole picture…The producer must sit back, view the whole thing in perspective, and make sense of it.” – George Martin

With over 17 years in the recording industry each, Cocomelo’s producers have been involved in hundreds of commercial releases, with over 150,000 units in sales. Known for their diverse yet refined and warm production styles, Cocomelo’s in-house producers and our network of session musicians, arrangers and engineers have the experience to take the most basic song idea, and develop it to extraordinary release standard. We are able to step in at any stage of the process with an approach will be bespoke to every song’s needs, from radio-friendly or traditional, to cutting edge and even experimental.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any idea you have in mind, whatever stage it is at.

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